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Letter: A troubling courtroom experience

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

It’s not every day that an old woman gets thrown into the slammer over allegations about somebody else’s horses. So, I had a little faith as I sat in the courtroom, shaking in my boots, but expecting my mouthpiece to save the day.

County Attorney Ted Wilmot stood as straight as an arrow and jettisoned charges in customary style. The previous defendant was similarly charged. He had already accepted a plea bargain: guilty, no jail time, plus endless fees. On the other hand, I had already rejected both of the plea offers. 

As it turns out, Wilmot is the county attorney, restricted to representing the board of supervisors, the school board and a number of other county agencies, and matters pursuant to the Gloucester County Ordinance. He’s not the Commonwealth’s Attorney and he may not represent the commonwealth at will. 

The judge allowed him to leave to find the Commonwealth’s Attorney to try my case. 

All six of m...

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