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Letter: A touching story of humor and devotion

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

If you ever thought you had it rough coming up or if you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth—and everybody in-between—I invite all to read an amazing story of pure determination, perseverance and the epitome of a hardscrabble life told by Gloucester resident Violet Brooke, or her childhood alias and the title of her book, “Bunkie.”

One of the first customers I served when I went into business years ago, Violet and her husband John were some of the best folk I’ve ever had the pleasure to work for. At the time, I had no idea what a tough, resilient woman she was. Several years ago, she gave me a manuscript she had written about her younger years.

I was amazed that this dainty lady I knew could possibly be the same one who took on the school bully her second day of school and … well, I won’t spoil the plot. The fifth daughter of eight girls, her sisters were nicknamed Horse, Click, Dick, Peter, Doggie, Frog and...

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