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Letter: A small slice of sandy-bottomed heaven

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

There are a few things I would like to add to this article printed last week regarding Tin Can Alley. The property owners act as if they are victims. Their assertion that there were threats made against them on social media is ridiculous. If I saw anyone making a threat against them I kindly asked them to stop and removed it.

A group of concerned Gwynn’s Island residents has made an effort to go down to the beach at different times of day and night. We do not see trash, we do not see all the wild fishing parties, sex, and drug deals that the Eubanks say happen there on a routine basis. Whenever I am there, the people are most respectful, clean and well-behaved. 

The Eubanks and the Roths are so caught up in defending the beach that they have surveillance systems set up around their houses, which they monitor from their computers in Richmond, whether they are at work or home, round the clock, 24-7.

I just want you to know why I am passionate about...

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