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Letter: A show trial

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The editorial in last week’s Gazette-Journal made me wonder how people could fall for yet another Democrat hoax after Russian Collusion, Covid Mandates, the Michigan Kidnapping plot, “Safe & Effective” vaccines, constantly changing definitions, etc., etc.

A Congressional committee of Democrat appointed Trump-hating legislators has presented Soviet-style show trials created for primetime television viewers under the direction of several hired (with taxpayer money of course) professional producers from the entertainment industry.

The show is mimicking the Moscow trials of the past century that culminated in the “Great Purge” of dissidents, with defendants given death sentences. If you follow the sentencing of today’s J6 political dissidents, you quickly see that animus rules over reason or justice. From the comments of both judges, prosecutors and even some public “defenders” in the District’s “Department of Justice,” sometimes sarcastically referre...

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