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Letter: A problem that didn’t exist

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Let’s review Obamacare here. But first, we need to examine health care before passage of this dreadful act.

Claim: 47 million people don’t have health care.

Claim: Health care is a right, especially in the richest country on earth.

These statements are full of, well, let’s just say distortions. We have Medicare, a paid-for program by taxpayers, for our elderly, and Medicaid, a gift for those who cannot or will not work. Out of the 47 million uninsured, 27 million were eligible for Medicaid but were simply too lazy or ignorant to apply. Another approximately four million were millionaires who elect not to buy a product that they are capable of funding for themselves. We’re down to 16 million, many who are young and they elect not to have a policy. Isn’t that freedom of choice and free exercise of their liberty?

In the final analysis, only about 2-3 million were uninsured. That doesn’t mean they didn’t have he...

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