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Letter: A perfect time for growing

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

During this time, families can work together planting seedlings and developing gardens, using small paper cups (3-5 oz.), potting soil, and seed packets that can be found at most stores, on corner racks.

Families, working together, should fill the little cups with potting soil, placing one seed in each cup and covering the seeds lightly with soil, according to the directions on the packet (or about ¼ of an inch usually). Using a spray bottle, wet the potting soil completely and place the cups in any containers you might have around the house, such as old aluminum pie pans or turkey roasting pans that can hold water, keep about a quarter of an inch of water in the bottom of the pan beneath your cups.

Place in a sunny room until they sprout, keeping them warm, around 70+ degrees. Now, to keep your young ones busy for the next seven to 10 days, their chore is to spray the cups daily or several times a day to keep the potting soil from drying out, while t...

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