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Letter: A note to Rob Wittman

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Mere hours after vandals, thugs, and thieves

Danced a boogaloo down Constitution Avenue,

You stood in the House, and proclaimed voters aggrieved,

They believed the election was unfair and unfree.

And you agreed.

Do you, too, live in an alternate realityWhere Democrats all revelIn the worship of the devil?You entered your objectionTo a fair and free election.You babbled on to no avail,Your man is destined for jail.

But I believe you only pander

(With words that lack candor)

To your party, and to Trump.

Either way, you need to be dumped.

One man wrote that you’d sold your soul.

That didn’t happen; you lost it long ago.

You felt no rage with children in cages,

You ignored insults to John McCain.

Your voting is suspect; your motivations are stained.

Now is the time for you to retire

Before you find that your name inspires

Chortles and sneers and hoots of derision.

Go now - while you still have a pension.


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