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Letter: A nation divided

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In response to Capt. David Callis’s letter in the July 15 Gazette-Journal (A nation to fight for), I totally agree.In the last paragraph of the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx declares, “overthrow all existing social conditions.”A nation divided cannot stand. How can a nation be divided?

Let’s start with “African American,” aren’t we all Americans?Diversity, isn’t everyone diverse and unique?Pro Abortion/Pro Life, is Planned Parenthood really trying to plan Parenthood?Sexual identity, are there really more than two sexes? (“in the beginning”.) If someone wants to be something else, fine, but don’t confuse our children. Let’s take away all self identity. No more male or female, no more he or she, no more him or her, no more Mother or Father, no more family unit.Transgender, ponder this, how many people are transgender?Vaxed and Unvaxed, what happened to, my body, my choice and HIPAA?BLM, saying that Black lives matter, when, in fact, all life is precious a...

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