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Letter: A much worse offense

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

What have we come to when we lose the ability to discriminate between indiscretion and infanticide?

We would swallow the camel of infant death and strain at the gnat of an offensive costume. This is not an upsetting of values; this is a complete lack of values … an inability to determine the worse of two options because there is no standard.

I do not condone the Governor’s past antics, but that is all they were … I’m sure there was no malice involved. To condemn the Governor for a costume is to be outraged at the frivolous. We all enjoy many rights, but the right to not be offended is not one of them. Was it distasteful? Yes. Foolish? Yes. Poor judgment? Yes. So what? You’re offended? Too bad … the world doesn’t revolve around not offending you. In fact, we have a constitutional right to do it.

The same people offended by a 30-year-old picture of a costume-wearing young man are, today, effusive in their praise of...

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