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Letter: A most unwelcome welcome sign

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Welcome to Mathews County, but only if you have conservative views, screams the big yellow sign at Ward’s Corner. I am all for free speech; however, what does this sign say to visitors who come to our lovely county?

“Liberals are what is wrong with this country,” the sign says. “They are destroying it.” I know many liberals who have added a lot to this country. Many of them are brave men and women who serve our country, are first responders, many help those less fortunate than themselves. I could go on and on.

They are people of all faiths who just have different views of the world and of their fellow men. However, they are not destroying the country. Can’t we all just live together and respect each other’s views? Or is it a case of my views are the correct ones, end of discussion?

Mairi Furniss

North, Va. ...

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