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Letter: A modest proposal

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

President Obama’s State of the Union concentrated on improving the life of the "average American"; pointing out that, as we well know, his lot is not an easy one. Two major resource shortfalls constrain the average American—money and time. Family cohesiveness is often compromised by the necessity for both parents to work. Ideally, the family would enjoy comfortable housing, money enough for food and even entertainment and vacations together … the lifestyle that we enjoyed in post-WWII America.

Our new enlightened view of family, with same-sex parents and third- and fourth-iteration stepparents, leads naturally to considering the next step: the polygamous family. It’s not a new idea, and has been used successfully by many tribes and cultures.

A family unit is formed by a group united, not unlike a small business, to carry on the continuation of the species. I don’t propose the alpha male/several wives model, but rather a gr...

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