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Letter: A message for Wittman

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Below is the response I have made (with a few changes) to an email I received from our Congressman, Rob Wittman, yesterday, titled, “We Need a Drug Price Plan that Works.” 

My wish for America is that all of our politicians start acting like statesmen again. They can all take a lesson from Henry Clay, known as the Great Compromiser. Here is my letter:

Representative Wittman: Your emails denote the very reason our country continues to be divided. You seem to be very good at pointing the finger across the aisle, depicting poor judgment on your part.

Americans across the country and in the First District are sick and tired of partisan politics in Washington, and your emails are particularly offensive in that regard.

Let me share a bit of advice from a minister, before I got married in 1972, and it holds true throughout time. He said, “Remember, when you point your finger at someone, three others go back in your direction.”


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