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Letter: A madman cannot be stopped with gun laws

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Quick fixes seldom fix anything; the cry is out there to ban assault weapons in response to the actions of a lone madman. There are over a million known "defined as assault weapons" in the U.S., thousands more unknown, to be sure. Removing these from the public would take decades, if even possible. If you are a gun owner, you may own one and not know it. Read the definition: Many ordinary weapons meet the criteria. Many old guns have large-capacity magazines.

One of the current thoughts is the framers could not have envisioned modern weapons when the Second Amendment was written. They couldn’t, but it doesn’t matter. At the time of our Constitution, a modern military rifle was a flintlock, firing about three rounds a minute. Citizens owned and used the same. For a people to stand up to an oppressive government, which was the intent of the Second Amendment, their weapons need to be fairly equal. Today’s privately owned assault-style weapo...

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