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Letter: A little neighborly advice: Listen

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Here’s to you, Mr. Robinson.

We, like you, are recent (in the scale of Mathews families’ horizons) residents of Moon and additionally have established primary residence here.

I had a brush with Mathews waters growing up and, after decades, succeeded in coming here to stay. We wake up every morning feeling remarkably fortunate to live here. One of our great pleasures is our neighbors, who look out for us and for whom we attempt to reciprocate. We have learned a great deal from these friends: How to see the water differently, connections between land and water, seasonal habit of crabs and fish, gardening tips, etc.

Not long after we purchased our property, I had a squabble with a neighbor who placed a septic system near the property line to which I responded with a barbed wire topped fence just like my cousin’s in Tennessee. Later, I learned that not so long ago Mathews residents could ride their horses across the fields and beaches of the c...

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