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Letter: A leftist pope lectures America

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

To further aid this administration in its anti-American, pro-Muslim stance, along comes a leftist pope who speaks to the peaceful tenets of Islam and the Koran while promoting socialist economics … all of this after having just visited communist Cuba and the Castro regime.

Notwithstanding the great contributions that Catholicism has bequeathed to the world and war-torn cultures and people, the philosophy of the great John Paul appears to have been misplaced. Those of us over 50 know better. Socialism has failed in every country where it has been tried and is very likely about to fail in this country as well.

We find ourselves being lectured, not only on the foolishness of socialism, but on the supposedly dire consequences of global warming. Meanwhile, those who are schooled and experienced in this body of science, have been presented with yet another propaganda challenge to set right by the painfully sanctimonious utterances of this pontiff. Man-made ...

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