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Letter: A lack of communication

After attending the March 23 Gloucester Board of Supervisors’ public hearing and the March 30 town hall meeting, I left concerned about how there could be such divisiveness between many of the Gloucester citizens and the board of supervisors. Citizens expressed anger, a sense that they had been betrayed or misled by their elected supervisors. What could be the root cause of this discontent? Could it be a lack of communication between our representatives and the voters?

In September, as citizens were rallying support to pass a sales tax referendum, Vote Yes for Gloucester organizers met with County Administrator Brent Fedors and members of his staff, along with Superintendent of Schools Dr. Walter Clemons. Only one member of the board was willing to meet with us. We, as organizers, repeatedly asked, “How will this increased revenue be used to help Gloucester?” Dr. Clemons was quite clear about the money being used for current new construction and school renovation. Mr. Fedors said l...

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