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Letter: A home remedy from a century ago

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Since you asked for ideas people can use from the past, I wanted to share with you a video made by a person 100 years old at the time, who as a youngster of 14 helped her mom distribute soup and food to those in their small farm community during the Spanish flu, which they called the “Asian Flu” at the time. Theirs was the only family in the village then that did not have to bury someone.

Her story is quite interesting (amazing clarity of thought at 100 years!), especially a trick she said she thought saved them all in the family. Her mom, who was working nonstop to help others as the wave went through, made a drink at breakfast time for the family (water with a bit of normal baking soda). Sue and I went to school after hearing the story, and tried it out. I think it has helped, and there may be a scientific basis for this related to “ions” and their tendency to attract and repel (I am not a scientist, so I leave that to others to decide). Some readers m...

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