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Letter: A hedonistic, out-of-control government

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

If I offend the sensibilities of the readers of the Gazette-Journal, please accept my apology. It is simply the need for plain talk that prompts my reference to what might be considered the street vernacular.

It is becoming obvious that with the crafting of Obamacare and its separation of science from ethics, the government has inserted itself into one of the most contentious social issues of our time. Obamacare appears to sanction government destruction of life. It is also beginning to appear that resistance to abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage and assisted suicide places one outside of what is beginning to appear as government policy.

How did a country with such a firm foundation on liberty succumb to the current pervasive influences of the aspects of group rights? With Chief Justice John Roberts’s magical ruling making Obamacare constitutional, a clear repudiation of over 200 years of constitutionally-protected rights of the individual has bee...

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