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Letter: A ‘glitch’? Really?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

So the faux results are in. Biden and the socialists are in. I’ve seen articles about how Biden is extending the olive branch in a unity effort. Where was that Jan. 20, 2017? For four straight years, the new socialists have continued the division of an eight-year crime spree known as Obama-Biden.

Biden won Arizona by 0.4 percent, Georgia by 0.3 percent, Michigan by 2.6 percent, Pennsylvania by 0.7 percent after fraudulent ballots were counted. Historically, we average 60 percent. It’s reported this time a turnout of 65.7 percent, a record. Do you mean to tell me that Biden enjoyed more enthusiasm than Obama got?

He only drew crowds of a few dozen and 22 of those were his own security and handlers. We saw the immense support for President Trump. Where did all this support magically appear from? It all stinks to high heaven. If these faux mail-in ballot votes represented the fraudulent votes for the socialists, then Biden only took 34,122,942 legal vote...

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