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Letter: A few things lacking in Visitor Center

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I attended the formal opening of Fort Nonsense on May 10 since it seemed that I had some stake given the effort, along with many others, I put into the park as a former president of the Mathews County Historical Society. Additionally, I have visited the new Mathews Memorial Library wing and the Old James Store and the Visitor and Information Center, all new since I left after 17 years. I came away with a strong sense of pride and I am sure all Mathews residents must have that same sense.

I found the Mathews History Room, which provides visitors information of Mathews’s key interest areas and what your small town offers. However, there were a few things lacking in the Visitor Center. I did not see any information about Fort Nonsense, the Old James Store, the Library, Mathews Yacht Club, etc. I was surprised given the impetus these very important tourist attractions would offer any visitor to Mathews to spend time and money.

Since there is not any indust...

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