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Letter: A divided America

Editor, Gazette-Journal:


I recently received a business-as-usual reply from Sen. Tim Kaine in response to a letter of mine citing a number of my concerns involving changes in the Senate’s rules. The following are excerpts from my follow-up letter to Senator Kaine.


The public’s approval of Congress has reached new lows. According to the latest polls, Congress has an approval rating that is now down to 6 percent after hovering around 9 percent for a number of years. It has been determined that King George had about three times the level of support among the colonists during the Revolutionary War that Congress has now.


I hesitate to point out, especially in these times of NSA spying and IRS intimidation; however, a recent poll by Fairleigh Dickinson University found that 29 percent of registered voters believe that armed revolution may be necessary in the near future. This is about five times the number of people that think Congress is doing ...

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