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Letter: A disaster of Titanic proportions

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Mathews County Public Schools might as well be the Titanic. The system has hit its iceberg: a community resistant to properly funding education. 

Buildings have not been properly maintained nor have teacher salaries. The result is that the system can no longer keep up with their staffing and capital investment needs.

In the early 1992, I started a teaching job in Perryville, Maryland, for a salary of $35,000. Twenty-five years later that is about today’s starting salary in MCPS. We hear comments like “ridiculous” and “outrageous” from our board of supervisors regarding the MEA’s request for a 13 percent increase. The reason for this is a lack of long-term planning by our county leaders and a large retired population.

It is no mystery that buildings will need maintenance and salaries will need adjustments. So here we are watching teachers walk away from MCPS to neighboring districts (five last year), and struggling to...

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