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Letter: A different time

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I read with interest and amazement the article in the Gazette-Journal concerning the Sally Tompkins statue in Richmond (“Capt. Sally Tompkins statue left out of Voices in the Garden,” Oct. 13 issue). Capt. Sally Tompkins may have been on the wrong side of the Civil War, but her cause was totally humanitarian.

In their vigor to attack everything from the Civil War, northern America has become sick and deranged. I agree with removing statues of Robert E. Lee, etc., but Thomas Jefferson was never the gentleman that Robert E. Lee was. Over 600 slaves passed through Monticello. At any one time, there were always 100 to 125 slaves at Monticello.

Jefferson was not only a slave owner, but openly promoted slavery in writings and speeches. He said there were three important things to own. The first was land. The third was crops from the land. And, yes, the second most valuable was slaves. When he died, his will freed only one slave. A family with three daughter...

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