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Letter: A critique of the Mathews meals tax

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

For those of you “Yes” voters who successfully defeated us “No” voters on the Mathews meals tax: I hope you are willing to publicly accept “your” responsibilities associated with your vote. Of course, first and foremost is your definite responsibility to dine and use take-out “often” so you can surely pay your 59 percent share in addition to the tourists paying theirs.

Next, I assess that you certainly are responsible to paint yourself with the “Capital Improvements” shade of lipstick and parade your pig so that you may be readily identified. Thus, affording the food establishment owners, at their discretion and pleasure, to thank you for casting upon them the additional burden, administratively, physically and financially, to collect, record, report and remit payment of subject tax.

The small pittance they may be “awarded” will by no means adequately compensate them for this mandatory r...

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