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Letter: A chilling effect on public discourse

Editor, Gazette-Journal:


An unfortunate sign of the times is the trashing and summary dismissals of those with opposing public views. It is especially disturbing when those with the opposing views or comments may have more apparent expertise and career credentials than those doing the trashing.


Climate change is an important issue that may take decades to fully assess. We may discover that climate changes may be directly attributed or, at least affected, by natural cycles in the earth’s existence.


Notwithstanding, there is present evidence that polar ice is melting and the seas are rising. If we can understand these circumstances, we may be in a better position to evaluate our response(s), including lifestyle adjustments, to possible frequent and permanent floodings in Tidewater Virginia. We need to be civil and polite to all those with concerns regardless of their points of view.


We may all be in the same lifeboat.



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