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Letter: A challenge with holes

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

A letter writer has submitted a challenge (“Tell us how you’d fix the problem,” Sept. 10 Readers Write), asking others to provide answers to the serious problems America faces (which there will always be). But this challenge is empty due to his rules that prohibit mentioning our Founders, Scripture, politics and being preachy. Apparently he doesn’t realize that America isn’t America if these issues are not considered.

The Founders, politics and Scripture are part of the fabric that is America. This would be funny if it wasn’t so serious that anyone thinks this way. The Founders built our nation, with hope and faith in God; freedom to voice different ideas and opinions, respecting Scripture and those teaching from it. As to financial problems, there are many, but we the people are at the heart of them. Spending what we don’t have and expecting others to fill the gap isn’t the way to success, and our success has b...

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