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Letter: A blight on the scenery

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I recently drove to Mathews from my home in Richmond to deliver art for the Bay School show, "Art Speaks." I grew up in Mathews on the beautiful East River. I was so delighted to see all the creative improvements in the Court House … restaurants, creative shops, the bank turned into a beautiful library and ART!

There was no art in the county when I was growing up that I was aware of. There were no art classes in the school. I had to leave the county to discover it. Now, as a professional artist, I delight in returning to contribute to and support the booming creativity in Mathews, whether exhibiting, or, perhaps teaching a workshop.

If I lived in Mathews today, I’m sure I would find myself turned activist, to beautify the byways and roadsides through the area. I was saddened by so many deserted buildings, enveloped with weeds, windows broken, roofs caved in as well as junk automobiles. One after the other of these sad, deserted houses along...

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