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Letter: A black political cloud

Editor, Gazette-Journal: 

Every day I write a letter to our newspaper to help with my frustration and angst. I do not mail them all, but today I will mail this one.

It is an open letter to President Obama. Please get involved once again with the political happenings of this time. There are so many frightening and war-sounding things going on. Please help us, we need you.

I know this would be highly irregular and that you have the best intentions of standing down. Don’t we all know that we are in a very dangerous and highly irregular time? I will never understand how this alt-fact (actually lying), nasty, bullying, fist-pumping, self-promoting man got elected. He (Trump) is trying to undo all the good in our country and the world. It is very scary.

Imagine if our children lied, bragged, bullied, made fun of the handicapped, what would we do? We would not tell them they were the best. In most cases, they would be grounded or worse, and we would try to teach them better. At...

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