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Letter: A sad day for America

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

On Wednesday, Jan. 6, a mob of radical right-wing extremists stormed, damaged and looted the U.S. Capitol. They were prepared to take hostages. They were looking for Speaker of the House Pelosi. They were chanting to hang Vice President Pence. They were our fellow citizens.

As a veteran, I was disgusted by what I saw. I heard it referred to as an act of insurrection. It was called an attempted coup. I saw more Trump flags than I saw flags of our country. I saw it as an unpatriotic act against our country. It looked like patriotism for country was replaced by loyalty to President Trump.

President Trump, the self-proclaimed law-and-order president, encouraged this lawless act on our government. His son Donald Jr. and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani participated in the incitement of this mob. This president is the most antidemocratic president in our country’s history. What a sad day that was for America.

Trump has autocratic ambitions. We’ve seen it all now...

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