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Letter: Preserving judicial integrity

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I write with deep concern about an issue that has the potential to erode public trust in our justice system—the perceived influence of personal connections and legacy selection in judicial appointments. A fair and impartial judiciary is the bedrock of any democratic society, and it is essential that judicial positions be filled based on merit, qualifications, and a commitment to upholding justice, rather than favoritism or familial backgrounds.

The idea that judicial appointments might be influenced by “who you know” rather than by an individual’s merits is troubling. Our community deserves judges who are appointed based on their qualifications, integrity and experience, not based on personal relationships or legacy affiliations. Such practices can undermine public confidence in the judiciary and cast doubt on the fairness of decisions made within the court system.

Similarly, the existence of favoritism towards certain lawyers within the court system ...

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