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Lemons, luscious, juicy and plentiful, brighten many foods

Lemons (citrus limon) are among the world’s most popular citrus fruits. They are believed to be a hybrid between sour orange and a citron. This beautiful yellow fruit is often taken for granted as it is always available year around.

Its slices are used as garnish. Most restaurants automatically serve water with a slice of lemon. Its juice is used to make an uncountable number of desserts and drinks. Even the tree’s leaves can be used to make tea and in the preparation of cooked meats and seafood. What would some baked goods be without the addition of its rind (the zest)? Lemon zest and juice can be used instead of salt in low-sodium cooking. It’s the quartered lemon or smaller sections that are used to garnish foods.

It is thought lemons originated in north-western India. They were introduced to southern Italy around 200 A.D., and a few centuries later, they were being cultivated in Egypt. They were not widely used as a food but rather as an ornamental plant until about the 10th...

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