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It’s blackberry season

Before the season is over pick those blackberries whether they are cultivated (usually thornless) or in the wild (with thorns); or pick them up at the grocery store. There is so much one can do with them.

The exact origin of blackberries is unknown, as they proliferate all over the globe except in Australia and the Antarctica. We know that Greeks and Romans and the Native Americans used blackberries in medicine, and also used them for food and to dye animal skins. Over the years blackberries have also been known as bramble, brummel, bramble berry and bly. Today there are more than 40 species of this tasty fruit.

For centuries blackberries were perceived as being wild plants; and wild plants still exist, but cultivation began early and a European cultivar was introduced to North America in 1850. Much of the modern blackberry development has been in America, beginning with the loganberry in California in 1880. By 1921 the thornless blackberry vine was being cultivated. The first were c...

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