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It’s a new year; give your pets a new ‘leash’ on life

It’s a new year—time to resolve to give your pets a new “leash” on life by reviewing what they need to be happy and healthy family members.

Are they spayed and neutered? That will prevent life-threatening infections and cancers of the reproductive organs, decrease their urge to roam and get hit by cars or get into fights with other animals, and will help them be a calmer, happier family member. Spayed and neutered pets live two or more years longer than intact pets!

Are they vaccinated? Rabies is a fatal disease, and rabies vaccines are required by law for pets over four months. Rabies vaccinations protect your pets and your family. Pets also need protection against other serious and possibly fatal contagious viral diseases, including distemper and Parvo viruses. Talk to your vet about what they need and when to get it.

Are your dogs on heartworm preventative? Heartworms are spread to dogs by mosquitoes, and we have lots of mosquitoes year round on the Middle...

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