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Is your pet your new co-worker?

Having your furkid as a co-worker can be an added bonus when you’re working from home. Working with your pet can be very therapeutic—helping you to better cope with the daily stressors. However, your pet and work doesn’t always equal harmony.

Here are some tips from, the online pet-friendly travel guide, on staying focused and productive while working alongside your new furry co-worker.

Plan for distractions

Since you’re working from home, your pet will likely think you’re all his. From engaging in play to pawing, and whining … your pet will do his best to get your attention. Rest assured that even if your home office space is not a spot where your dog normally likes to hang out, he will be in there now that you’re in there.

One way to temper his attempts to distract you is to tire him out before you start your workday. A long walk or run, an interactive game, or fetch in the backyard usually does the trick. Before you clock in, be sure to have some enter...

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