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Instagram influencer: Gloucester resident gains following for her home design style

Gloucester resident Cass Smith is quite the homemaker.

Cass Smith has a powerful do-it-yourself attitude regardless of the project. Here, she’s giving the exterior of her home a fresh coat of paint.

Her Instagram page is full of her many home improvement projects. With over 100,000 followers on the social media platform and more on her other feeds, Smith has cultivated a following because of her unique tastes and do-it-yourself attitude.

DIY projects have interested Smith for most of her life. She said when she and her family moved to Gloucester, she found a lot of joy in decorating their house and giving their walls new coats of paint. Earlier, she would sew or make smaller crafts, but the last few years she has turned to woodworking and creating home décor.

To find inspiration, Smith looks to older architecture. She finds places like old hotels and old restaurants to come up with ideas. She grew up in an old farmhouse, which has influenced her tastes and preferences, and...

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