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Inspiring young readers

If you are still having trouble mastering the Kindle you got for Christmas, there are some second graders at Petsworth Elementary School who can help you out with that.

Petsworth teacher Sharon Carino is utilizing the portable electronic book, or "e-book," readers in her classroom and finding it helps get her pupils interested in, and excited about, reading.

Looking for a new way to deliver instruction, Carino spent some of her summer researching the use of e-reader Kindles in the classroom. She found most use had been in secondary schools, where they are being utilized in place of textbooks, and not at the elementary level. So she loaded a Kindle with some age-appropriate reading for her 9-year-old niece and used the fourth grader as a "guinea pig." "She loved it, and she can take it anywhere she goes. It’s kid-friendly," Carino said of the results.

Carino’s students, and other students at Petsworth, also utilize another tech device ca...

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