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Incorporating birdhouses in yard can help preserve endangered species

With habitat loss, climate change and other conditions posing threats to wild birds, incorporating birdhouses in your yard can help protect nature’s marvels for generations.

Sightings of purple martins in Virginia offer a powerful reminder of their resilience, and the far-reaching impact of birdhouses.

Suffering from massive population decline over the last 50 years, the species’ survival is largely due to the efforts of the Purple Martin Conservation Association and the thousands of people who hang up purple martin nest boxes around the country.

The North American Bluebird Society similarly helped revive the bluebird population after a major decline between 1920 and 1970. And thanks to the efforts of Bluebird Beach Bungalows in Virginia Beach today, the community’s bluebird population is thriving, with nesting boxes hung up practically everywhere around town.

The charity’s founder, Stephen Todd, has lived by a profound motto: “Do Good Things.” Even when a local grocery st...

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