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How to transition pet food

(METRO) The food a companion animal is eating today may not be the food he or she consumes in the near future.Pet owners alter their pets’ diets for a variety of reasons. These can include food allergies or intolerances that develop, new formulations that boast health benefits or the cost of food. Food transitions also occur when juvenile pets mature into adults and then require different foods to meet age-related dietary requirements.

Anytime pets owners introduce new foods to their pets, owners should follow a gradual introduction process to minimize the risk of potentially negative reactions, which can include loose stool or stomach upset, according to the pet retailer PetSmart. In addition to taking things slowly, pet owners can employ a few other strategies so pets seamlessly transition to their new diets.

Choose a similar formulation. PetMD advises pet owners to find foods with similar formulations if existing foods need to be switched due to a recall or if a brand is no l...

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