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How to confront the potential onset of memory loss

(Metro) No two individuals are the same, but many men and women encounter similar changes as they approach their golden years. As adults get closer to retirement, their eyeglass prescriptions may need to get a little stronger and their workouts may need to be a little less intense as their bodies adjust to the physical challenges of aging.

Many changes associated with aging don’t affect seniors’ ability to live independently. However, one common concern for older adults is the potential decline of their cognitive health, which can compromise their ability to get through their daily lives without some form of assistance.

According to the National Institute on Aging, many older adults worry about memory loss as they age. The Alzheimer’s Association notes that voicing concerns about memory loss can make those worries seem more real. That fear may compel some aging men and women to write off memory loss as a minor side effect of getting older. And in many instances, memory loss is n...

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