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Honor the fungus

September is National Mushroom Month. The mushroom is one of those foods we take for granted. It is always available in supermarkets fresh, dried or canned, year around, but it hasn’t always been available for the masses.

This fungus, not a vegetable, was once believed to be the plant of immortality by the ancient Egyptians and could only be eaten by the pharaohs. Today, it is an ingredient that becomes the binding glue for cooking repertoires besides making solo culinary treats as an appetizer or condiment.

Three types of mushrooms are available in most markets: common, exotic, and wild. They can add something special to every meal; however, there are six mushrooms among the many available including truffles that are the most used either fresh or dried.

The white mushrooms are the most common type. They range in size from tiny, called button, harvested when young and having the mildest flavor; to jumbo, which can be stuffed and baked. They make up 40 percent of the mushrooms ...

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