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Holiday recipes


A. Remove part of shank with bone in

B. Remove skin

C. Remove aitch bone

D. Remove femur

E. Defat ham

F. Remove seam fat 

A 10-lb. ham will give 64 slices and will serve 25 people for dinner but with another meat will serve 38 people for dinner and make 250 ham biscuits.

A 16-lb. ham will yield 100 slices, serve 42 people for dinner; with another meat added, it will serve 60 people for dinner and make 400 ham biscuits.

Country ham should be sliced paper-thin for biscuits. It can be a little thicker, but not much, for dinner. Smoked ham can also be sliced a little thicker for dinner.

Once your ham has been prepared, sliced and set upon the table, you will need a few more recipes to make the meal special.

Shirley Williams, a very well known caterer in Mathews with a superb staff, has graciously shared three recipes that will enhance all other dishes your Christmas table may bear. She has set a table where the ham has prominent placement, with th...

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