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Helping children develop a lifelong love of music

Patrick Billups has been teaching children music for a decade, and his first goal is to make sure they enjoy what he’s teaching them. This means helping children feel the music so that it becomes a part of them.

“Music is meant to be felt,” he said. “If you don’t feel a part of the music, you’ll discard it.”

Keeping a positive atmosphere is also key to children’s enjoyment, said Billups.

“So many times, students get discouraged because the atmosphere is not positive,” he said. “You have to keep them encouraged.”

But even a positive atmosphere might not be enough to make practicing scales or learning theory enjoyable, and that’s when Billups’ three principles come into play—dedication, inspiration, and determination, or DID.

With dedication, Billups said, “You’ve got to give yourself to it and be okay with not being the best right away.” 

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