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HCS: Pushing ‘the boundaries of expectation’

After nine years as an active member of the steampunk community, Gloucester’s David Lee, founder of Hatton Cross Steampunk, still has trouble coming up with the exact definition of steampunk.

His daughter, Jessica Lee, however, takes a good shot and calls the steampunk genre “what the people of the Victorian era thought the future would look like.” This trend tends to manifest itself into literature, film, fashion and just about every other art form branching off into science fiction and alternate history.

Although David Lee didn’t hear the word “steampunk” until 2009, he had already had some unofficial experience in costume design. He had made costumes for friends who were working as extras on the set of “A New World.” It was this experience that made Lee realize how easy and enjoyable costume design is.

In addition to his light experience in costume design, David Lee also joined Jessica in local historical reenactments. She did not a...

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