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Guinea girl roams the world, returns to her roots

“I’m a Guinea girl who loves sushi,” says Marcia Mickle as she speaks about why she and her husband, David, returned to her native home about four years ago—after leaving to make her way in the world at the age of 18.


“I was born in Severn and grew up here. I couldn’t have had a happier childhood. I just love it here. When Dave and I were married Dad gave us this place.”


Marcia’s career brought her many rewards. She became a design engineer, spent seven years in the Army serving in military intelligence and learning to speak and write Korean. Even in retirement she remains active in her community.


The Mickles now have a lifestyle that covers almost two worlds. They live on their boat (Fiddler’s Green, a 42-ft. cruiser) which is moored on their property on Belvin Creek; and they also live in what they call their cottage which overlooks the waters near and far. In both locations cooking arrangements ...

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