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Grow roses this year!

In a recent email, a friend mentioned that a visitor to her office had recommended that more people should plant roses. My friend said to me, “If you have springtime tips, I promise to read, learn, and try to digest them.”

Well, of course, I have springtime tips for growing roses, and they aren’t difficult to remember. The problems arise when some of the unpleasant insects and diseases attack them. I told my friend that roses can break your heart, but when you have successes, no other flower can compare.

If you have never grown roses before, your first task is to decide what kind of rose you want to plant. Are you looking for a shrub to be a focal point in your garden? Do you want a climber to soften the harsh appearance of a fence or wall? Are color and fragrance important to you? Are you looking for a small bush to plant in a container? Would you like to try growing Old Garden Roses that bloom only once a season?

Roses are woody flowering perennials that belong to the Rosac...

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