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Grapefruit recipes


This is approximately a 100-year-old recipe and is presented to you as it was written.

6 shells (rind of fruit) cut in strips; cover with water and add ¾ c. salt, boil about ¾ hour. Pour off water and repeat this. Pour that off and boil the rinds this time in clear water. Pour water off and repeat this. By this time most of the bitter taste is gone and the salt. Barely cover with water and add 4½ c. sugar. Boil down until the bubbles only rise to top of rinds. Drain through a sieve and roll in granulated sugar. 

I save this syrup and use again, counting the quantity as a cup of sugar therefore deducting this amount of sugar from the next boiling. Later the boiling again of this syrup causes it to darken so when too dark I use it for pickles or other things.


Pink sanding sugar, for rims

½ c. grapefruit juice

1 bottle champagne

Place pink sanding sugar in a small bowl and dip champagne flutes in wate...

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