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Good cooking

Six sources basically agree on the meaning of the word homemaker, which by the way was not in our language until 1867.


Here is the longest and most accurate description: “A person, usually a woman, who cares for her own home and family by cleaning, cooking nutritious meals, doing laundry, running errands, caring for pets, working with a budget, organizing, etc. She is her own boss and enjoys the freedom of creating her own schedule. She does not have time to be lazy. She realizes the value of her unpaid job as a homemaker because it brings stability to the family and less stress for all.”

This defines the members of Central Village Homemakers to a T, yet with one addition. They also work for, participate in, and support the community in many ways. They give their time, talents and energy to others who need help or assistance. What would Mathews Market Days be without their booth filled with handmade creations, each sold with a smile?

The idea of homemaker groups ...

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