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Gloucester board extends CUP validity period

The Gloucester County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to extend the validity period of Conditional Use Permits to two years, also giving the Zoning Administrator the authority to grant an additional six-month extension for good cause show following a public hearing Tuesday night in the colonial courthouse.

The changes come from the Planning and Zoning staff identifying an issue with the former one-year period of validity. The one-year validity period often failed to grant enough time to establish the use of the CUP as required by the former code.

At the end of the valid period, individuals who failed to establish the use of the CUP have to reapply and pay the $1,000 fee again. By extended the validity period from one to two years allows for those with an approved CUP more time to get the project in order.

As the ordinance was written prior to the change, the Zoning Administrator was unable to grant an extension to the validity period. This change allows individuals a c...

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