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Gloucester Banks celebrates centennial

Gloucester Banks, also known to locals as Little Richmond, is a close-knit community of 23 cottages in Gloucester Point. It celebrated its 100th anniversary this month. The community, located near Gloucester Point Beach, has been known for its festive Fourth of July celebrations since 1974. 

This community was created in 1924 by a group of men from Richmond, which is where it gets the nickname, Little Richmond. The Gloucester Banks Association was established in April of 1924 by George Morgan, George Warren, Branch Morgan, H.H. McVey Sr. (Henry McVey), Robert Talley, Robert Bryan and Bernard Jones. They called themselves The Committee of Seven.

The committee designated two of its members, Morgan and Warren, to sell the lots to acquaintances. Of the families who initially bought the cottages back in 1924, a large majority still reside in the same cottages. The families and their descendants have remained very close over the years. 

Going down the private road that leads to the...

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