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Getting to know okra

Just mention the word okra and you usually get these three responses: I like it and use it as often as I can; I don’t like it, it’s too slimy; and I don’t know about okra as I’ve never eaten any, what does it taste like?

Let’s see if it can be made clear as to what it tastes like and we hope to get the non-taster to try it. Shirley Ryan of Mathews is the person who could supply either answer. Shirley is a mini-farmer who on four to five acres on the Mobjack Bay not only raises okra but also many other summer vegetables, which she generously shares with friends and neighbors.

Shirley gets her love of gardening from her father. “He had a garden ever since I can remember so I felt it was just natural to have a garden and have always had one, no matter where we were living at the time.

“Okra is just about the last vegetable producing as the season closes but it slows down somewhat and continues until the frost hits it. All of my okra plants ar...

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